Trust the words of our Testimonials

Jen Bennett, North Charleston. (from google reviews)
Dr. Delson has relieved my pain during acute distress, as well as helped me correct my posture during times of wellness. Her caring and compassionate nature lends itself well to Chiropractic care. With her skill as a clinician, her passion for wellness and healthy living, and her calming energy, Dr. Delson is nothing short of a healer.

Kevin Phipps, West Ashley. (from google reviews)
I have felt better than anytime in my life since I have been seeing Dr. Delson. Her technique and knowledge have helped me overcome problems from other chiropractors and I can’t brag enough on her. I feel better now than any other time in my life. Don’t hesitate to give her a call.

Katherine Harrington, Charleston (from google reviews)
Dr. Delson is wonderful and caring medical professional. She has helped me tremendously by adjusting me, in turn allowing me a comfortable smooth natural delivery of both my sons. She is a wealth of knowledge for medical ailments and I highly recommended her! Thank you,

Melissa Camacho, Charleston, SC. (from google reviews)
I have never been to a Chiropractor before but had severe lower back pain and Dr. Delson and her staff were so welcoming and fit me the same day for 2 visits. If it wasn’t for her I would have been suffering for way longer than I needed to be. Now I know that back pain is not normal and she always fixes me right up. She really expressed her concern and always made sure I was feeling right before I left her office, she never let me leave while still in alot of pain. I also love how she offers after 5 pm hours and Saturdays as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Delson and her staff to anyone who was seeking Chiropratic services.

Meri Vernon, Charleston, SC. (from google reviews)
Many thanks goes to Dr. Delson. She is committed to bringing you relief. I am in sales and spend a lot of time in the car. Needless to say, I have extreme lower back pain. Dr. Delson was determined to help resolve the problem. She is the first chiropractor, who was able to bring back my quality of life. After 6 years, I continue to see her on a maintenance schedule. Dr. Delson’s positive, upbeat personality, will make anyone feel comfortable and welcome. Not to mention, her lovely sister, who works the front desk.

Steve Strieter, Charleston, SC. (from google reviews)
Dr. D is great! She has helped me feel much better after I “tweeked” (not twerked) my back. She does not insist on long maintenance commitments, but does make sure you are well taken care of and on the mend. Phylis at the front is a joy to work with; they make a fantastic team.

Brian Miseveth, West Ashley (from google reviews)
Incredible improvements in an incredibly short amount of time! That’s that kind of result I am getting from Dr. Evaline Delson’s incredible expertise. Of course, I had some misconceptions going into it as I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Evaline. The doc and her staff are more than welcoming and care about my progress. Though I am still in recovery, I was able to go back to work MUCH sooner than expected. Dr. D uses her wealth of knowledge to pin point a problem and work it out with a wide array of techniques and machines, when necessary. She is a real miracle worker! Just don’t call her that… 😛

Russell Binder, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
When is the last time a doctor came in early and on her lunch hour to meet with you as a new patient? That is exactly what Dr. Delson did. Her genuine care and concern for my health and well being and going the extra mile to help me out in a painful situation has made me her newest fan!! A true professional!!

George Nobles, St Stephen SC (from google reviews)
Went here after an unsatisfying visit with a separate chiro for a back issue.. I started figuring a desirable solution was out of reach, then a close friend referred me to Dr. D. She was extremely helpful, professional & friendly – providing a solid diagnosis & treatment plan where the previous doctor failed to do so. I make my drive all the way from Saint Stephen to come here – I’d definitely recommend Delson to anyone in need of professional service.

J. Edwards, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
I’ve had pain in my shoulder for years. I worked with another chiropractor for almost a year before transferring to Dr. Delson. Within two visits, Dr. Delson had located the source of my pain, and after a few more visits, I no longer deal with pain from that region. Her office staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Delson keeps me updated on my progress and even checks in on me to see how I am progressing. Don’t let her compact size fool you, she is a powerhouse of healing!

Peter Finne, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
I have been seeing Dr Delson for approximately two months for chronic lower back pain and numbness in my leg and foot. I had previously had surgery for a herniated disc several years ago. I had seen several chiropractors in the Charleston area and no one was helping me get better. All that changed after visiting Dr Delson.. I can now get up in the morning and work all day long without any nagging lower back ache. Also the numbness in my leg has almost disappeared. What has impressed me most is Dr Delson’s success in relieving the aches and pains I was experiencing. She takes the time to really understand what is bothering you, analyze your situation and proceed with a course to restore your well being. I highly recommend Dr Delson for anyone who is on the search for a chiropractor, you won’t be disappointed.

Charleston SC (from google reviews)
My name is Brooks Holt and I live in downtown Charleston. I was refered to Dr. Delson several years ago by my trainer. There are no words that can express what she has done for me…Dr. Delson has given me my life back. After horse backing most of my life with numerous falls and being kick by a horse that broke every rib on my left side, needless to say my back and body has taken a beating. I was always in pain, something that I had resigned myself to living with. After seeing Dr. Delson, she has changed my life. I am vitually pain free and I don’t know what I would do without her. I highly recommend Delson Chiropractic and can’t thank her enough for getting me moving again. Sincerely, Brooks Holt

Jeff and Jennifer Duke West Ashley (from google reviews)
My husband and I are unfortunately plagued with medically diagnosed chronic back and neck issues (cervical and lumbar). Dr Delson is our life saver for last ten years. There have been many last minute appointment requests, she will work late to fit in. She treats her patients as family and as individuals. I have never encountered a DR with more concern and understanding. She also is very knowledgeable and takes the time to address our concerns and how to treat going forward. I would never consider finding another chiropractor. My migraines and tight shoulder and neck muscles have been resolved on many instances. Yesterday my husband could not move, she adjusted but to no relief. He required a visit to the hospital, muscle relaxants, and pain meds. She was very patient, empathetic, remained late, and asked that we keep her updated on his progress. He was able to walk this morning less than 24 hrs later. I am convinced that adjustment not only helped but also allowed him to walk today. Dr Delson really cares and relieves pain.

Mike Seay, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
Have been a patient for 10 years, and could not be happier with Dr. (“Magic Hands”) Delson. I had a debilitating case of sciatica that was ruining my life, and she made it go away. Since then anytime it flares up, she puts out the fire. A++

Shellie Sturm Glover, North Charleston (from google reviews)
I have been had back issues for about 12 years leading me to spine doctors, chiropractors, neurologist, massage therapist and pain management specialist. After I began working out, there were some fellow athletes who had spoken of Dr. Delson in very high regard. I didn’t want to go to a chiropractor that would tell me not to lift or workout, and really the thought of going to another one, bothered me all together. I wanted someone to get me into a position to be able to do what I enjoyed and Dr. Delson did just that. Her knowledge of not only her field, but of fitness and the effects on the body helped to fine tune my healing process. From the time I stepped into her office, she has been a complete joy, offering humor to otherwise stressful moments, to just the gentle touch and smiles. I can barely walk into her office sometimes from something stupid I may have done, but after a flip and lift and lift, is one side heavier, hurt or pinches and I’m out! I was just recently in a car accident and feared the recovery processes was going to be long and painful one. I called Dr. Delson immediately and she rearranged some stuff to get me in, a few x-rays later and I was on the table. She not only adjusts my mindset to restore peace but also my body to get me back on the road to recovery. I don’t feel like just another chart, like just another client, I feel every time I lay down on that adjustment bench, like I couldn’t be in better hands by a Doctor who cared more. I will continue to use her, recommend her, and brag about Dr. Evaline Delson every chance I get.

Gregg Waugh, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
Gregg Waugh, President SafeSpear LLC (Charleston & Walterboro). I have suffered back pain for over 30 years and had part of a disc removed 21 years ago. The only previous time I remember being pain free was after a nerve block. After my first treatment with Dr. D, I told my wife I don’t feel any pain!! The technique Dr. D uses is different from any other and is definitely more effective than all the other chiro treatments I have ever received. Two weeks of treatment and then I was on an as-needed basis. Last week I drove 12 hours one day and then 10 hours another and in between sat in meetings all week. Then 2 hours in a dentist’s chair and I could hardly walk and was in severe pain. One Dr. D special and my pain level was very manageable and I could stop the drugs. My next treatment is Monday and I can’t wait. If any of you are hesitant about chiropractic, give Dr. D a try. You will not be disappointed! Also, Dr. D identified a structural anomaly in my lower back that all the previous MDs had missed. She is very thorough and professional.

Sarah Cobb, James Island. (from google reviews)
My name is Sarah, I’m an active 32 year old living in Charleston. After pulling my back out 6 years ago, it would happen freqently after a heavy work out. I also had shoulder issues, which I was told was “frozen shoulder”, and not much to be done about it. I would be out for a few days and in severe pain with either, and I thought there was nothing to be done, until I met Dr Delson thru some friends I worked out with. I was skeptical at first, but after my first week going I was standing up straight and pain free. Dr Delson has enabled me to stay active and pain free for 3 years now. I tell anyone I hear having any issues, including my husband who now goes, about her practice. If you were a skeptic like me, take a chance, you’ll be so happy you did.

Bill Redding of Charleston. (from google reviews)
My name is Bill Redding and we live in downtown Charleston. A very close friend of ours needed a chiropractor for back and neck pain and we took her to Delson Chiropractic in West Ashley. We’re advanced in our years and have seen plenty of doctors. Dr. Delson is the best. Her treatments we’re extremely effective relieving neck and back pain. She’s got a new office, brand new equipment, x-ray, the whole nine yards. Dr. Delson and her staff bring smiles to our faces. We recommend Delson Chiropractic to everyone and thank her sincerely for the great help and relief she’s provided!

Fran Payne, North Charleston (from google reviews)
Dr. Delson is awesome! I had lower back pain for a while and the last time it lasted for months and never went away. I couldn’t even bend forward even a little bit without it hurting Dr. Delson came highly recommended and I got an appointment quickly and went in. After a few visits the pain was gone and I am able to live a very active life and I continue to see Dr. Delson on a regular basis. She will make you feel comfortable right away. She explains things well and is always happy to answer questions. She also responds to her emails fast too, so if you have any follow up questions or concerns, you can give her ring or email her.

Cindy Hubbard, CPT, CES Mount Pleasant, SC (from google reviews)
I tell my clients that you can crawl into Dr. Delson’s office (in pain) and walk out with minimal to no pain. She is officially the “crawl in, walk out doctor”! I have had back pain for 20+ years and was use to being laid-up, out of commision for several days at least once per year, every year until trusted friends recommended Dr. Delson to my husband seven years ago. I watched her work miracles on his hip & back pain as well as his neck to alleviate his terrible headaches. Of course the next time I was in pain with a bulging disc, I went straight to Dr. D & she got me walking again without pain within minutes. It really is amazing! I have been to two other chiropractors who did help me, but not as thoroughly, long-lasting and as quickly as Dr. D. I have also been to several orthopedic spine specialists who simply think that Ibuprofen and ice are enough. Now, I highly recommend both when your back is in spasm, but there is always an underlying cause and usually some sort of mechanical or postural distortion that needs to be addressed. Before I had Dr. D to take care of putting my spine or SI joint back into near perfect alignment, I would be on ice & ibuprofen, doing nothing else for days. She (great chiropractic care) is the big missing piece to the puzzle! As a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, I have been able to help many clients through the years with issues/pain that arise as we go through life together. I can tell pretty well when someone is out of alignment and needs chiropractic care that strengthening and stretching wont completely heal alone. The three work amazingly well together and Dr. Delson is an expert unlike any other! I have sent many of my clients to her as well as my own Mom. Everyone who sees Dr. D is amazed at how quickly she can help get them out of pain! I trust Dr. Delson completely and I am not an easy sell:-)

Michele Durante, James Island SC (from google reviews)
Dr Delson really helped me with an arthritic lower back and some other pains that were becoming a nuisance. Working in the food and beverage field, as an owner/chef, standing requirements are outrageous. If you have any pain, associated with joints that maintain walking and moving, it can cause great discomfort or tears in this environment. Luckily, I met Dr Delson at my cafe and within a few weeks she was treating me for these ailments and I finally got a handle on my pain management. The results are going on three years and I can wake up in the morning and sit up not roll out of bed in pain!!! Thank You Dr. Evelyn Delson for restoring my mobility. You truly love to help others and have picked a profession where you excel..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Dr. Brian L Canady, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
I have suffered with lower back pain and neck pain for years. Seen numerous doctors including surgeons, physical therapist, and others. Injections to reduce pain have even been a course of treatment. None of these methods resulted in relief. As a last resort, I met with Dr. Delson and have not been disappointed. In fact, I have been amazed. Dr Delson worked with me, and after about 4 weeks I was out of pain for the first time in years and had a new zest for life.

Kelly Grudowski, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
Dr. Delson is an amazing find for me. She has helped me tremendously and in such a short period of time. Her positive attitude bubbles over and she’s a real go-getter. She won’t give up on finding what will help her patients feel better. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great chiropractor.

Betsy Cardwell, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
I’m a new patient with Dr. Delson. I’m only 25, but I have been struggling with arthritic joints due to Juvenile Rheumatoid for most of my life, and in the last year or so I developed pretty severe back pain. Apparently I have a little bit of scoliosis, too. I was all sorts of out of whack. I have, recently, had times when I have been unable to pick things up from the ground without sitting down in a chair first. After my first appointment with her, the pain was reduced. After the second, I had two whole days (TWO!!) without pain. After each appointment the pain is less and the relief lasts longer. I feel like a different person. I had no idea how much the pain was slowing me down until I found some relief from it. Its amazing. I am sold for life. I can touch my toes again! Its sort of incredible how much having a little thing like that can matter when you realize you haven’t had it in a while. Thank you!

Jacqueline Olmstead, New York. (from google reviews)
I live in New York State but visit my son and family often in Charleston. This year I drove down with severe pain in my lower back. After one visit to Dr. Delson I was greatly improved. I always visit her when in Charleston but could not believe this time how much she improved my condition so fast. I would recommend Dr. De3lson to anyone who has neck or back pain or just wants to have a healthy body! Weekly visits keep you limber and feeling great.

Max S. Charleston SC (from google reviews)
Have had nothing but wonderful experience with Dr. Delson and her office staff. Prompt, courteous and caring.

Brooke Corry, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
There are so many positive things to say about Dr. Delson. She has always taken good care of my entire family (husband and 2 children). I have had problems with my back, my neck, my shoulder and she fixed it all.

A Google User. (from google reviews)
DR. EVALINE DELSON has been my chiropractor for 5 years now. She has helped me recover from painful lower back injuries sustained while playing sports. Each and every time she has been very accommodating to scheduling and has provided significant pain relief. Under her care I have been able to return to normal activity in record time. She is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors I have met and takes a genuine interest in her clients’ well being. Best of all her dynamic personality makes each and every visit an interesting one.

Natasha Madan, Downtown Charleston (from google reviews)
Dr Delson is a miracle worker! After years of suffering through a constant, dull sciatica ache, the pain got worse in the second trimester of my pregnancy. My OB/GYN said, ‘Forget a massage, you need Dr Delson!’ She was completely right. From the first visit, I felt better. Dr Delson’s warmth, professionalism and magic hands made a huge difference in my pain levels. I couldn’t believe it when I received a personal phone call from her the evening after my first appointment just checking in to see how I was doing after the adjustment. Now that’s customer service! After my delivery, Dr Delson was able to take X-rays, pinpoint my exact problem areas (the fact that she was so close without having X-rays amazes me) and provide even more pain relief. I am almost pain free and she’s given me hope that I will be able to run again! She’s cured my wrist pain, heel pain, headaches and neck aches within minutes, and the sciatica feels like a thing of the past. This is an amazing thing for someone who has been to medical doctors, physiotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, masseuses and reflexology practitioners all over the world for years without much more than temporary relief! On one of my weekly visits, my newborn was crying inconsolably and Dr Delson said, ‘She has silent reflux’ – something I had suspected for weeks. My baby’s pediatrician said to ‘wait it out’ – unacceptable to me because my baby was in so much pain. Dr Delson worked her magic on my 6 week old and within 24 hours, she was a new baby. She went from sleeping 2-3 hours at a stretch at night to sleeping 7-8. She had the occasional short crying bout, instead of the normal 4 hours of crying a day when I had to hold her and keep walking around. And she is a happy baby. When Dr Delson realized that my baby was scared during the adjustment, she made me lie down and put my baby on top of me while adjusting her. That concern for her happiness, as well as her well-being, impressed me. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Delson and her practice. They always fit us in. The appointments are short (10-15 mins) and therefore manageable, but still very effective. The front desk (Daphna and Lauren) are incredible. And best of all, my insurance covers the adjustments for both me and my baby, so we only pay $15 each time. Much cheaper than a massage! I walk out of that office feeling incredible. There is also something fabulous about walking into a Doctor’s office and feeling as welcome as if you were walking into a friend’s place. That level of caring, coupled with their professionalism, is a hard combination to find anywhere in the world.

Another Anonymous Google User (from google reviews)
DR DELSON is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. I suffered with sciatica pain and was unable to sit for any lenght of time.and had to give up my part time job because of the pain. After a few visits, the pain was subsiding. In fact I was able to make a 12 hr drive with little discomfort. I go back for adjustments as needed and am doing great! She is fantastic.. I highly recommend her!

Lou Ann Kelly, Accounts Payable Manager, Folly Beach, SC (from google reviews)
I have been seeing Dr. Evaline Delson at Performance Chiropractic off and on for 7 years. After a couple of car accidents and various sports injuries, she has managed to bring me out of pain and back into normalcy. What I like most about her, besides the fact that she is the BEST Chiropractor I have ever been to, is her spunkiness. She is so tiny but full of energy..a regular firecracker:). I never leave out of there without a hug and feeling like I matter to her. She is easy to talk to and someone I trust to make me feel better. I have referred her to my husband and several of my friends over the years and ALL of them fell in love with her and her personality! If you want a great Chiropractic experience, please go see Dr Delson…I promise you will love her:)

Meredith Collins, Charleston SC (from google reviews)
What can I say? Dr. D is the best! I have battled lower-back pain for over a year. I have had xrays, MRIs, and cat-scans, but still, they showed no hope in identifying the cause of the pain and how to address it. I have just recently started being treated by Dr. D. After six visits, I am happy to say that I feel 100% better! I can’t believe I waited so long to discover the benefits of a good chiropractor! THANK YOU, Dr. D! I would recommend you to anyone!

Nira Hirsch, Charleston Visitor. (from google reviews)
I was visiting Charleston, and a day before my flight back to Israel I had this sudden terrible lower back pain. Dr. Delson agreed to see me on the same day, and again on the next day just before my long flight, although her schedule was full. She came specially to treat me! Dr. Delson helped me to ease the pain and made me capable to go safely through this 24 hours journey back home. Thank you so much Dr. Delson! I appreciate your generosity and your help so much!

Deb B., Charleston SC (from Yelp)
Dr. D is the best chiropractor I’ve ever used whether it be Atlanta or Charleston. She does extremity adjustments as well. I wish I was there right now! I’ve gone to her for years and can not give a higher recommendation!

Chris Facello (from Yelp)
She has been serving my entire family for years. Always flexible to urgent needs. Works well with military families which are not covered for chiropractic care. We’ve lived across the country, and she is the best! I highly recommend her to anyone that is wanted chiropractic care for their family!